Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Nolan: Month Two

This has been quite an eventful month. Nolan is growing and doing all kinds of exciting things. We tapped out of nursing when little man began to lose weight, not gain. I am, for as long as I'm able, what they call an exclusive pumper. Much like the writer of this blog. Never did I ever think those two words would combine to describe me. I had never even heard of such a thing until I became a mom. Multiple visits to the hospital, brainstorming with the lactation consultant, far too many weight checks and tears later, here I am. Exclusively pumping. And it's working. Nolan is steadily putting on weight, and I think we've finally found our feeding rhythm. And it only took two months.  

Friends, moms, and friends who are moms have told me time and time again that the time will fly by. That I'll blink and Baby Nolan will no longer meet the description of that four letter word in front of his name.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
The struggle is REAL.

We hit our first monumental "never again" moment this second month. N will never wear newborn clothes again. Waaahhh. Our little boy is growing so fast! There I said it. Cliché, but SO true.

But at the same time, I kind of love it. I love the changes our little guy is going through and the ways in which he is developing right before our eyes. I mean, on one day I couldn't get him to grin if my life depended on it, and the next morning he's grinning ear to ear as I un-swaddle him from his slumber. What?? It's truly mesmerizing.  

Here's where we're at:

As previously mentioned, you started voluntarily smiling this month! Talk about A to the DORABLE. That gummy smile gets us every time. You'll do it the most after you've eaten. You are your mother's child.
Newborn clothes are no longer necessary. You are officially rocking 3-month outfits
You are "talking" a lot. Coo-ing and goo-ing, and you have so much to say. I'll stop anything I'm doing to listen. Thus, the lack of dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, etc. going on (or not going on) around the house. Sorry not sorry :). Though, admittedly, I do struggle with the mess sometimes. Your daddy gives me so much grace in the cleaning department. 
You seem to be going through a "picky sleeper" phase at nap time. You only like to lay in certain positions, and it's quite the puzzle for your dad and me to figure out.

You have absolutely no issues at bedtime, though. Thank you for that. 
You are one easy-going baby. You go with the flow and have really joined us on this ride called "life." 
You have so many friends. They're just much older ;). Noel is just your size, and we love playdates with him and his mama.
You took your first trip to "hometown" this month, and you were a champ. You met so many family members including the rest of your great-grandparents. We have yet to meet your birthday buddy and cousin, Maddie. Soon though. 

Oh and you went on your first father-son outing to the Oatland Island Wildlife Center! The first of many adventures you two will take.

Nolan, you're such a trooper. Your love for car rides, swinging, pacifiers, and swaddling is simply precious. Are you a perfect baby? Of course not. But we're not perfect parents either. I mean, remember that night we all had a major breakdown? Enough said :). 
But we LOVE you. Fiercely. 

Happy two months, Nolan.
Thanks for still bearing with us :).


  1. Oh Meagan, you are doing SO AMAZING. Don't let the pediatrician-visit statistics get you down. I feel like they are there to make every mother size up their child and it never feels like a positive assessment. YOU AN AWESOME MOM. You are doing everything right. And baby Nolan, wow, he is a DOLL. So stinkin' sweet. It's so true that the moments pass way too quickly. We just moved Everett out of his stroller bassinet into his toddler seat and I cried a river. Where has the time gone?! You are doing amazing, keep it up my friend. Motherhood looks just perfect on you.

  2. Kristen, you are such an inspiration. And it's so true what you said about the pediatrician visits. While I love ours, the stats can be the pits. Not two children are the same, and I've got to remind my heart that I'm doing the best I know how. And that's enough :). Everett is growing like a weed! Ahhhh. Love our boys.