Tuesday, December 16, 2014

While Daddy was in Dubai

Nolan and I spent our first extended stay away from his daddy last week. Kevin spent 9 days on a business trip out of the country with super expensive business jets doing all sorts of fancy things. The majority of his trip was spent in Dubai where he monitored a few of Gulfstream's corporate jets at an air show (Think more of a display of planes as opposed to the acrobatic type of show I initially thought of. These are business jets, after all!). 

So while the man in my life is maintaining first-class business jets across the ocean, the little boy in my life is traveling the 3.5 hour trek to hometown in the early hours of morning with his mom (gotta take advantage of that long stretch of sleep), graciously allowing her to bridge the day-to-day gaps that Daddy so often fills.  

Pictures tell our week's story best this time, so I'll let them do most of the talking. We sure missed Kev, but I'm so thankful for the time I got to spend with family and friends we don't get to see as often as we'd like.
Prepare for picture OVERLOAD.

Being outdoors soothes N every time.

Christmas came a little early with this precious one and her boys.

We finally met Maddie, Nolan's cousin and birthday buddy!

 Hannah and I can't help but love this one.

More family reunion-ing.


 Nolan met THIS gal. Courtney is something special.

What's a hometown visit without seeing Gamma??

THIS guy took me on a date. We shopped, ate, laughed until I almost wet my pants, and saw a weirdly good movie.

George, to our waitress: "My sister lives far away, and her birthday is this month."
Me: "His is one week before mine. So make that TWO sombreros!"

We had a SUPER sweet visit at Nanny and Papa's.

All is right in the world. We ate Mexican THREE times. 
And Nolan had the most wonderful chat with Grandmom.

Selfie with Mommy in the Publix parking lot. Because, well, I love you and was missing your daddy.

Happy birthday, Papa!

Kept the tradition alive by seeing the Living Christmas Tree!

Meanwhile, back at Gamma's.

Early morning feedings before Papa G left for work are a sight for tired eyes.

My friends have beautiful children. And Nolan knows it, too.

Looney Tunes.

This is rare these days.

He'll nap just about anywhere and enjoys time with Nana anywhere, too.

Nolan, you are quite the traveler and adjusted to our stay at Nana's and Papa G's house SO well. I so enjoyed my time with your growing, fuzzy-haired self. The thought of traveling with you by myself was intimidating, but you confirmed that I had nothing to worry about. This mom returned home feeling revived, refreshed and thankful for the relaxation that hometown brings. And I'm a better mama for it. 
But let's bring Daddy with us next time, okay? 

And then a sick daddy finally came home to us.

We spent all of yesterday snuggling and watching "The Office" episodes in our pajamas.
The BEST kind of medicine for the body and the soul.

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