Sunday, May 10, 2015

My First Mother's Day

I have felt so celebrated by my two boys today (well, you know, as capable as Nolan is of celebrating at his stage of life).

My very first Mother's Day has been super special, and I just really want to remember it:

I slept until Nolan woke up (and even when he did, he must have known it was a special day because he snuggled and nuzzled me like he ..umm.. NEVER does).
I took an uninterrupted, leisurely shower.
I got ready at my own pace while Kev fed Nolan breakfast and prepared a super yummy one for me.
We ate breakfast, all 3 of us at the table at the same time, I think for the first time ever.
I read the sweetest letter written by my baby-daddy (cue the teary-eyed mess I became).
Even as I'm typing this, Kev is doing ALL of the dishes.
At the moment, Nolan is napping intensely (I apologize to all who encountered his lack of nap-ness at the Sunday gathering this morning. A special shout-out to those sweet gems in the nursery!)
Kev says he has a little "surprise" outing planned for us later.
And I can hardly wait to grab Wendy's to-go and eat it in the park with my little family this evening.
And, above all, I am graciously reminded that my identity is not in who I am as Mom, but in who I am as Daughter.

Kev, so much of how you've loved on me today you do on the regular.
I'm so proud to call you mine.
And let's be real...without you, I wouldn't me a momma ;).

Nolan, in short, I ADORE being your mom.

It's hard.
It's busy.
It's messy.
It's fun.
It's unpredictable.
It's hilarious.
It's awkward.
It's humbling.
It's mine.

There will forever be a Nolan-sized space in my heart that only you can fill.
You make me Mom.
I love you, buddy.

Thank you, Kayleigh Dhiman, for these priceless pics.

And my Mother's Day wouldn't be complete if I didn't recognize my own momma and mom-in-love.
You two are the epitome of mommyhood, and we couldn't possibly love you more.
I waaaaant to be friends with Nolan's mother-in-law just like you two are when I grow up!

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