Thursday, June 29, 2017

New Smyrna Beach Vacation

At this time two weeks ago we were well into our week-long vacation at the beach. We could not WAIT to get away together as a family and revisit a childhood favorite of mine. I grew up spending 2 weeks each summer in New Smyrna and this year's vacation didn't disappoint. My parents (and Bub!) so graciously let us come along, and we soaked up every single moment of sun, seafood, and sheer relaxation together. It was absolutely amazing. 

Nolan's favorite part of the whole thing? The blue water (a.k.a. pool) and ice cream.
LOTS of ice cream.

I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking. I managed to squeeze a "few" super fun shots in throughout the week.


Sometimes you just need to try your hand at that silly quarter machine game. 
We played this forEVER at Manny's after breakfast one morning!



On our last day, we all took Nolan to see his first movie in a theater!
Cars 3 was super cute, and he loved it!

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