Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Nolan: Three Years!

Nolan's actual birthday was Monday, and we spent the day as a family celebrating by doing and seeing a few of the things he loves.

Fire trucks.

I love:
the way you greet Daddy whenEVER you see him.
the way you ask the cashier for a sucker each week at Kroger.
Dinotrux, too.
your love for Eiley Beth.
the fact that you don't need (or like) to be the center of attention in a crowd.
getting the first hug of the day when you wake up in the mornings.
running errands with you.
your determination and will (even though it tests my patience at times).
people's comments about your blonde hair.
that not a drop of ice cream is wasted when you eat it.
your tender heart.
the way you say gramorrah (granola) bar.

and SO much more.

Bottom line...I love all of y.o.u.

Happy 3rd birthday (two days ago), sweet boy!

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