Saturday, January 6, 2018

Cooper: Weeks 5-10

Cooper turned 10 weeks old yesterday! Had he stayed in the womb, he'd be 38 weeks gestation tomorrow. AND he turned 2 months old on December 27.
It's been a BIG past few weeks for our little man and for us all.

We still aren't sure exactly when Cooper will be home, but he is certainly moving in the right direction right now. His greatest task right now is practicing eating by mouth whether that’s at the breast or bottle. Cooper has had some setbacks along the way, but we're leaning into the truth that our God is in control and His timing is perfect.

Cooper has officially (and I guess so have we) spent 4 major holidays in the NICU:
New Year's

We spent our first Christmas here in Savannah together as a family and it. was. sweet.

I've embraced the fact that I look as tired as I feel. Oh my heart, these dark circles, bags, and wrinkles are far from flaws around my eyes. May they be constant reminders of God's grace in sustaining me.
In sustaining us.

Have I mentioned that my husband is my favorite?
Our toddler is still a champ.
And our baby is our hero.

met Aunt Jesse
turned one month old!
reached 3 lb, 9 oz
first bath by mommy and daddy
struggled with a high breathing rate but X-rays and blood work came back negative
vomited but probably due to feeding tube being a little too high in belly

My first time getting to hold him like this, and the tears flowed.

met Bub
transferred to a different isolette
able to be held wrapped in a blanket in addition to kangaroo care
having frequent desaturations (drops in oxygen)
all tests/X-rays came back negative
feeding tube adjusted to NJ (bypasses the stomach and goes into intestines) to help resolve respiratory issues and to see if reflux might be an issue
desaturations began to improve
met Papa
first time wearing clothes
weighs 3 lb, 13 oz

transitioned to a high-flow system instead of CPAP
4 lb!
low hematocrit levels, so received a second blood transfusion
out of isolette and in bassinet!
told he has an umbilical hernia that he'll most likely outgrow

4 lb, 2 oz
NEC scare again
accidentally received Human Milk Fortifier (HMF)
this mishap confirmed that he does not tolerate that fortifier well
we shared our testimony
met Papa G, BB, GG, KK, and Taylor
level 2 reached on high flow cannula
practiced nuzzling at the breast
feeding tube moved back to NG (in the stomach)
tried taking him to intermediate nursery (ISN) but ended up coming back to NICU
back in isolette because body temperature too low

reached 4 lb, 8 oz
transfered to low flow cannula at 1/4 pressure
back on full feeds with Elecare
really good practice at the breast
eating by mouth twice per day
cannula own to 1/8 pressure (what he would go home on if he needs oxygen still)
first Christmas
2 months old

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

celebrated mommy's 30th birthday (the best birthday I've ever had)
that night moved back to the step-down nursery (ISN), where he'll be until he comes home
New Year 2018
drank 8 ml from a bottle
Colleen popped in for a visit! (She has before, but I forgot to take a picture.)
consistently eating twice per day at the breast and doing very well with it
reached 4 lb, 13 oz
tried taking him off of oxygen but he kept desatting
Snow Day
out of isolette and in bassinet!

Never ever have you ever
Failed to come through
Always faithful always present
That is You
Showing up
To cover my weakness
That is what You do
That is what You do

(Never Ever, Kristene Dimarco)

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  1. Meagan, you are a hero mom. Continued prayers for you and your family as you walk through these milestones with Cooper. He’s victorious! And so are you! And happy 30th girl!!!!