Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Blogger: To Be or Not To Be?

So for a while now (about 6 weeks), I've been trying to decide how I want to document, or keep track of, this super new terminology in my life called "parenthood." For the most part, it shouldn't (or wouldn't) be too difficult for a woman to decide how she'd like to. But for's been a daunting task. Why? I have no idea. I guess I just don't want to feel obligated to or bogged down by keeping track. I mean, what fun would that be? I've thought about a prayer journal, a scrapbook, and even the old-school baby book type of thing, but none of those really set well with me for some reason. My heart just wasn't in them. So I began to pray. Yes. I asked the Lord how I should document my pregnancy journey. Is it silly to ask Him such a thing? Absolutely not. He cares about the little things. But more importantly, He cares about my heart. My heart's motive in writing my thoughts and experiences day in and day out matter to Him. And I want to do it all for His glory.

Well, here I am. Blogging. Never did I ever picture myself as a blogger. I can't guarantee I'll be very good at it. But I'm not doing this with the hope of having hundreds of readers or subscribers. I'm not doing this so that everyone can know our business. I'm doing this because I just feel like it's what I'm suppose to do. I have no clue what will fill these pages. But I do know that my God is good, and He is doing great things. And I want to remind my own family's hearts...of that every chance I get. Because I know from experience that it is difficult to believe at times. That God is good. Our hearts are fickle. They waver. But the Lord is the complete opposite. Praising Him for that.

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