Monday, February 24, 2014

Guess. What.

Monday, December 23rd, at approximately 5:35 a.m., marks the moment that our world was flipped completely upside down. In the best..way..possible. Kevin and I had already decided the night before to take a pregnancy test that morning in order to "know for sure" whether or not we were pregnant before heading to hometown that night. Christmas was in TWO days! Well..."Merry Christmas to us!" To be completely honest, we thought we were simply affirming the fact that we weren't pregnant. You know, just putting our minds at ease before seeing family over the holidays. (I need to write a whole separate post about our journey over the last year and a half). Well. In a matter of a few short seconds, that little test confirmed everything I needed to know.

Thanks to these two pink lines: 

If I checked what "pregnant" meant once, then I checked it a hundred times. While Kevin lay just on the other side of the bathroom door sound asleep in bed, I dropped to my knees. I felt overwhelmed and in complete and utter shock. 
We. Are. Pregnant.
I (literally) jumped on Kev and put my mouth right next to his ear and whispered (rather loudly, I'm sure), "Babe! Guess what?" Sleepily, Kev replied, "Whuuut." With as much excitement as one can possibly muster up in a whisper I replied, "We're pregnant!" We snuggled for a while wishing the moment would never end and just soaked every ounce of the reality of that moment in. 

And so this journey (and the secret-revealing) began.
Over the course of the next few days, all of our immediate family would know the exciting news...

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