Monday, April 28, 2014

A Bumpdate: A Few Favorites at 6 Months

A milestone! 

We're well into the 6-month mark as, today, I begin week 23 of pregnancy. As much as I can't wait to meet this baby boy to whom I'm so attached already (no pun intended), I need him to stay put a little longer. I'm not ready to wish away all of the intimate, yet unique, moments pregnancy brings.

A few favorites:
  • Baby N is the most active when I get home from work. As I sit on the couch and slump back, it's like clockwork. The rolling, thumping, and squirming commence right on cue. That could never get old. 
  • Oh and did I mention his second most active time is as I'm falling asleep? Yep.
  • Kevin's hand lightly pressed against my belly to feel the movements of his hyperactive son is something I cherish even more. I don't even have to tell him where to place his hand anymore. It's easy to tell by the sporatic rising and falling of my tummy. It gets us every time. Nolan, you just keep getting stronger and stronger.
  • We'll be parents in 17-ish weeks and have absolutely nothing to show for it in terms of preparation. Sorry not sorry :). We'll get there, we promise. Does registering count?
  • It totally doesn't bother me when people (well Kevin is the only guy who ever does) touch my belly. 
  • "You're getting so big" is a compliment that doesn't offend me. My students remind me almost everyday :).
  • People I don't even know are starting to notice the bump and will even ask if I'm expecting. (The first time that happened, I was completely caught of guard!)
  • I'm loving the me + Kev time that we're soaking up as we count down the days to me + Kev + Nolan.
  • "Goodnights" are not complete until my sweet husband talks to his "buddy" telling him how much he loves him and can't wait to meet him. 
  • We still haven't decided on which middle name we like best.
  • I love lemon water.
  • Bagel Bites are my snack of choice (at the moment).
  • Gradually out-growing all of my clothes is still the most beautiful mess I'm in. I'm so thankful for all of the maternity clothes loaned out to me!
  • And I have to mention the fact that the thought of summertime has never been sweeter.

Until next time...
I'll be sitting here...feeling this babe within me squirm...and probably getting nothing done as a result. Again...sorry not sorry.


  1. Meagan!! I love reading this! Agreed - it's awesome when your hubby knows just what to say to your little one, before he's even out of the womb! So glad yall are cherishing this sweet time. Who cares if the housework doesn't get done? That nap is more important these days :) So thrilled for you two! And I completely agree with you - I am not wishing away these pregnant days. We want these babies to stay inside as long as possible and do all the growing they need! We will just have to find very large swimsuits to accommodate them... XOX