Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Sweet Reveal

The pun in the title of this post is TOTALLY intentional. These cupcakes were divine and made special by Just Freshly Baked, our favorite local bakery.

We had the BEST time last weekend with our families and a few friends as we celebrated the big reveal of whether we are having a girl or a boy. 

My guess had been a girl all along. Kev had staked his claim on a boy. I didn't mind losing that bet one bit. We were so thrilled to watch the faces of our family members as they bit into the cupcakes, the center of which revealed the color blue. It was fun seeing who guessed what (half of the cupcakes were topped with blue icing and half were topped with pink). I'm so thankful that so many got to come! And those who couldn't make it were surely missed.

I remember that Kevin's mom thought it was a girl as did both of my parents. Bub was really hoping for a boy.
So thankful that kid's wish came true ;).

But no matter the variety of guesses, everyone was ecstatic to learn that a baby boy would soon be joining the Boyd/Webb/Griffis/Blile/Dickerson clan. I couldn't be more thankful for and humbled by the love and support and tangible excitement from our family. Uncle Bruce, Aunt Jennifer, and the boys even drove all the way from Alabama to find out. Just for the day! 

What an incredible group of people to raise a child alongside. I can't wait (and I mean this) to watch as our sweet little man is passed from one person to the next, showered with love and kisses by the people we've loved the longest. Warms my heart just thinking about it.

Kevin and I are so thankful for all of the preparation that went into making the weekend so perfect.
Thank you, EVERYONE, for showering our little family with so much love.
We love you more and more.

Welcome to the family, 
You are so loved already.

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