Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hometown Hoopla!

I feel like I'm coming out of being the best "good kind of busy" I've been in a while. Our lives have followed a winding road these days full of twists and turns that have pointed us in just about every direction except for the same one. Hopefully, I can shed more light on that later :). But between learning how to manage and pay bills (a baton Kev is officially passing on to me), organizing the mountains of paperwork needing to be filed and shredded in our home office, and washing and categorizing (by size of course) Nolan's new wardrobe and other goodies, I am finally able to sit down and write about where many of the cute baby things that I keep oooo-ing and awww-ing over nowadays came from.

My family threw an incredible baby shower for our boy. A HUGE shoutout to my sister, Shannon, and my cousin, Kristin, for all of their hard work in orchestrating such a celebration. I know there are SO many other people to thank, but it would be impossible to name them all. From the detailed decor to the delicious breakfast food to the manicured lawn to the overwhelming amount of gifts, so many loved ones contributed to the beauty of that Saturday. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. When Shannon asked me where I wanted to have the shower, there was no doubt in my mind of the perfect spot. At the farm where countless family gatherings have taken place and where, now, my own parents and brother reside. I figured, why not add to the memories already there?

Over 30 women (and Clay) gathered together on the morning of Saturday, June 7th. It was all around the most beautiful day. The ladies. The decorations. The weather. Simply beautiful. We had the BEST time. I saw so many faces I haven't seen in practically forever and my soul was so refreshed by the day and time spent with so many people I love. Sometimes words just aren't enough and pictures tell the story best. 

Here are a few of my faves that were captured on my sister's camera:

There are still so many pictures I'd love to post! These are just a taste of the fun that was had. 
I literally cannot thank everyone enough. I love y'all!

So I think that pretty much catches me up on the happenings as of late. I spent this past Friday night and Saturday at Jacksonville (Jax) Beach, Florida cheering Kev on as he competed in his first ever beach volleyball tournament. A few of our friends competed as well. It was HOT. But the weather was absolutely beautiful. Nolan and I hung in there, no sweat (I definitely don't mean that literally). I hope it will be the first of many tourneys Kevin participates in. I REALLY enjoyed watching him play and feel like I learn more and more about the game each time I view it. And I'm his biggest fan...duh. It's fun to imagine Nolan joining us. We're praying he loves the sand as much as Daddy does!

And speaking of my two favorite guys, I'll end with this:
Last night, Kevin was especially exhausted after a long day at work and an evening spent playing sand volleyball at Daffin Park (our Monday night hang-out spot). We were at home laying on the couch watching the Braves game. Kev fell asleep within a few minutes of getting comfy, but not until after he whispered, with his hand resting gently on my belly, "With your two boys." He took the words right out of my mouth. Nolan was wiggling around like crazy as his daddy fell asleep, but just as Kev began to sleep, Nolan stopped moving. I like to think he fell asleep, too. So I wrapped up my Monday with both of my guys snuggled close and sleeping soundly. Perfection.

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