Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ignorance is Bliss?

Well hello there, third trimester.

I can hardly believe we've reached that point already. Tri = 3, which means we're in the third part of three, which means we're in the home stretch! WOW. 
Look at us go, little boy. Look at us go.

And look at me GROW. 
People still think I look "small" for being 7 months along, but most hours of most days I beg to differ. I feel HUGE. Huge...but great. I know, I know. It's still really early in the game, and I'm just barely entering the season of pregnancy that most women dread. But I can honestly say that I am thoroughly enjoying being pregnant. Do I love the lack of sleep because I'm not a very good side sleeper? Of course not. Not to mention the fact that cuddling with my husband is kind of out of the question right now. Do I love how exhausted I feel after I climb the stairs? And the way the balls of my feet and heels hurt from carrying all of this extra weight? Who would? 
Besides all the little woes I experience (that ultimately seem inevitable), I have absolutely no complaints. Yet ;). Talk to me in a handful of weeks, and perhaps I'll sing a different tune. But for now...I'm still infatuated with this bumpity bump and with the crazy dances my belly does (especially at night). I love feeling the hiccups and squirming of our growing, healthy baby. His strength is increasing and his routines are setting in. And the best part? Is that I finally have time during the day to pause and enjoy it all. I can't be anything but thankful. 

And as I enter this last trimester, something dawned on me. I've officially decided that for me, when it comes to this thing called pregnancy, ignorance is most definitely bliss. I have a confession to make: I haven't read the first book about being pregnant, child birthing, or any of those things. I just haven't had any desire to. And I've come to the the realization that for me and for my personality, some things are just better unread, unsaid, and unknown. It keeps me from having unrealistic expectations, especially when things aren't going the way "that book" said they would. I promise I'm not bashing the books, or the blogs, or whatever may suit your fancy. They can be great! And helpful! And most are chalk full of all kinds of useful information. But maybe, just maybe, during this season of my life, I can alleviate some of the fear that I'm so often so prone to give in to. I'll read blogs from time to time and my daily prego update on my handy dandy app (of course), but other than that, in that way, I feel like I have done the bare minimum to prepare. 

My absolute favorite sources from which to glean wisdom and learn are the first-hand experiences in the lives of those nearest and dearest to my heart. Time spent with friends and family who will let me ask a multitude of questions and who will often times gracefully bare their hearts in answering them is priceless. And I need you ladies to know how much I so appreciate your vulnerability, your advice, and your willingness to let me sit at your feet (sometimes literally) and just act like a sponge, soaking it all in. I have gained more from listening to and doing life with each of you than I could ever learn in any birthing book. I pray that throughout my journey, you will remind me that I can't, but God did. And that I'm not (or I am) because of what Jesus has already done. My prayer is that we'll be confident in speaking the Gospel into one another's lives as we journey together. 

p.s. If there ARE any awesome parenting books out there that I should know about...
by all means...tell a sister! :)


  1. Hahahaha I love this post A LOT. I wish we lived closer to one another because I think we would have so much in common at this stage in our lives/pregnancy! Keep feeling good my friend. Put those feet up and REST! XOXO

  2. Ahh same here, Kristen! Wouldn't that be something? :) I hope you're feeling well! Not much longerrrrrrr!