Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Bumpdate: Month 8

Ah, summertime. 
Dates with lovely lady friends. Afternoon naps. New trial-and-error recipes. 4th of July (and a killer celebration to go with). Out-of-town visits from some of my favorite people. 
And my day-to-day with a belly that is taking over. 

The heat is officially not my friend. And that's ok. I've just had a hard time embracing the fact that I feel, well, pregnant. I've been bee-bopping along for about 31 weeks straight without a pregnancy care in the world (thank you, Lord). And while I'm well aware of the fact that I could be experiencing symptoms way worse than the ones that have recently shown face, it still stinks having to recognize them as a part of me. For now at least. The aches and pains are the toughest to tolerate. But tolerate them I will. Not because I don't have a choice, but because it means that our baby boy is growing and thriving. 
I know because my body reminds me almost every moment of every day :). 

Lots more updates to come in the near future, but for now I'll end with a few highlights of my pregnancy as of late.

I love what a couple of ladies I follow do in their blogs when it comes to their preggo updates, so for this entry, I thought I'd try it!

How far along: 
33 weeks (month 8!)

Nolan Dorsey Dickerson

A friend let me borrow a pair of maternity yoga-type pants, and I have been LIVING in those. I recently (finally) bought a new pair of pajama pants that FIT and bring me so much nighttime joy. I love my maternity shorts, and skirts are a fave too. Anything to help me beat the heat and feel less constricted.

Eh. Most nights, yes, with at least one wake-up in the middle that's due to my overactive bladder or jumping jacking son. Or probably both.

Heck to the YES. So, so much. Hiccups still happen on the regular and I absolutely love to feel them. One thing Nolan does not lack? Strength. And wiggle room. I still love watching my belly dance.

More like "fixations." I'll get hooked on a thing or two for about a week or so before finding something new to love. These days, I want lemonade, chips & salsa, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. 
And no. Thankfully not at the same time :). I'm hoping to long for healthier things again soon.

Affectionally termed (by me) "swolled up," I'm doing my best to embrace the swollen appendages. Most days, my chubby feet do make me chuckle.

What I'm loving:
Our bedtime routine. Kev and I read Baby N a story every night before calling it a day.

What's new:
Couponing. I'm determined to make this a weekly habit in an effort to contribute to our family financially in a super practical way. I actually kind of enjoy it and hope to get my act together more and more each week. The savings are coming in baby steps.

I've set the Divergent series to the side for now and started reading my first parenting book (tonight, actually). I received the book, On Becoming Baby Wise as a gift and have heard really great things about it. Here's to trying new things!

Looking forward to:
Our birthing class in a couple of weekends! And the baby shower being thrown by the sweetest ladies in Savannah! Seriously love my community here and the people we get to do life with.

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  1. Love reading this! Its so encouraging and reassuring to hear about what other 1st-time pregnant mamas are doing to cope and embrace this exciting season of life!! You are doing AMAZING and little Nolan is so lucky to call you his! XOXO