Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Bumpdate: My Due Date

We did it! 
We made it.
Happy due date, Nolan!

I officially know that my body can (and will) carry a baby to full, complete, all the way up-to-the-last-minute term. And what a roller coaster ride it has been. For the past few weeks, every hiccup, cramp, tightness, or squirm has made me pause and ask, "Could this be it?" And, whew, is that exhausting. But, still, overall I feel good. Good and pregnant. But we are steadily running out of room, and my body is steadily running out of energy and comfortable positions to be in. A beautiful mess indeed.

Nolan, we are truly thankful that you have waited. It has taught your dad and me so much about our Maker, and with each passing day that we're asked to wait a little longer, we're only reminded more and more of His unwavering character. And His unwavering goodness. We're so thankful for friends and family who have spoken truth and encouragement into our season of waiting. We can't wait to meet you, sweet boy! It will be soon. 
Very, very, VERY soon.

With that said, here's my final update before our little buddy is out of my belly and in our arms.

How far along:
40 weeks! On the dot :).

Nolan Dorsey Dickerson

Flip flops. Everyday all day. Except for the occasional time I'll cram my feet into a pair of Toms or tennis shoes just for kicks and giggles.
Other than that, it's all about comfort at this point.

Sometimes yes. Most times no. Naps come easily during the day though. Maybe it's the Lord's way of getting me ready? I like to think so.

This has never been a problem area for our little man. He is incredibly active and keeps us laughing and/or marveling at his acrobatic ways.

Ok. So maybe I don't truly "crave" Cinnamon Toast Crunch anymore. It's probably more of an obsession now.

Braxton Hicks come pretty regularly depending on the day. Some days I have them often, some days hardly at all. I was slightly dilated and 50-60% effaced at my last appointment about a week ago. Progress...yay! My feet still get poofy, but that's nothing new. And nope, my wedding rings still don't fit :(.

What I'm loving:
My dancing belly. I'm soaking up these last days of being able to experience our son's movements so intimately. It's remarkable and the most beautiful part of pregnancy, I think.

Looking forward to:
I can hardly wait to count those fingers and toes!

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