Saturday, August 9, 2014

Two Plus One

It's starting to really sink in. We're so close to becoming a family of three! 

We were really hoping to have some maternity photos taken, and when our super good friend, Jessica, of Love Ya Jess (shameless plug right there) said she would take them for us, I knew it meant two things: 1) Jess, Jeff, and Livie would visit, and we'd get to spend some time with two of our closest hometown friends and 2) we'd walk away with the most beautiful pictures to capture our growing family. She has never let us down. 

Jessica has been there since the beginning of "Kevin + Meagan". Literally. She even captured the very first picture of Kev and me when we were dating (and you know how important that picture is to a relationship), along with our engagement, pieces of our wedding, and everywhere in-between. Needless to say, we love her and her talent and so appreciate her willingness to capture such a precious time for us.

Thank you, Jess!
37 weeks and counting...


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