Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Nolan: Month Five

What. A. Month!
Nolan has changed a lot in the past 31 days and is doing...much.

You're working so hard to find your laugh. Maybe next month ;).
You are quite the morning person. And who wouldn't be after 12 hours of sleep? 
Insert this mama's "hallelujah, thank you, JESUS" here.

Sitting on the porch while watching cars drive by is one of your favorite things to do when you get fussy.
You're rolling over (often) from your back to your belly.
We're still working on rolling back the way you came.

Mommy was away from you for the longest stretch thus far. A whopping 3.5 days. But HEY. Whether it is for three days or three hundred, I'd miss you just the same: a BUNCH. We reunited, and it was SWEET.

Thumb sucker. That's what you are! You still love the paci though, and we may or may not be trying to break you of this newest habit, but GOSH it's cute.

We introduced you to solid foods the other day. You tasted rice cereal first and...uh...disliked it. But you've taken 4 bites as an all-time high, and we're making progress!

You are most definitely teething. When will we have something to show for it??
Lots of folks say you're starting to look so much like your daddy, and I couldn't agree more!
Oh, and we won our very first online giveaway today! We won this through one of my favorite bloggers and Turbans for Tots. Their stuff is ADORBS. Happy 5-month day to you, little man!

Happy five months, Nolan.
Are you still bearing with us? :)

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  1. Awwww happy 5 months little guy! What a handsome stud muffin. That bow tie is going to just look SPLENDID on you :) Thanks for the shout out, Meagan! You are such a great mama. You deserve a pedicure. And an ice cream cone.