Sunday, February 15, 2015

Our Day of Valentine's

Yesterday was V-Day.
Kev and I have never been ginormous celebrators of Valentine's Day. I don't need the cards, candy, or carnations. Things along those lines are way more special and mushy gushy on any of the other days of the year. Valentine's Day IS, however, a great excuse to splurge a little and this year was no different. This year's splurge was in the form of primarily...FOOD.
Ah. A man after my own heart.

What made this Valentine's Day even more special is that I got to spend it with not one but TWO heart throbs. I needed a day date with BOTH of them.

We managed to crunch our pennies and ate breakfast at Chick-fil-a using our CFA calendar freebie for the month AND they're giving away free coffee for the entire month of February! Score! So for a few bucks I chowed down at one of our favorites with my two favorites.

We then relaxed at home for a bit before spending the largest chunk of our day at a place we've been dying to visit since we've lived in Savannah: 
the Bonaventure Cemetery.
It was absolutely beautiful. And who knew reading epitaphs and dates could be so fun? But it was. It's neat to imagine what those souls must have been like, what they've seen, and what they've done. With dates spanning from as early as 1806 to as recent as 2013, the history is timeless. The space is huge, and we had barely scratched the surface by the time we had to call it quits with a fussy baby who doesn't sleep on the go often, but we have every intention of going back. Much sooner than later.

It was a family day for the win column. And so were the sleepy babe and the Japanese take-out at the very end of it.


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