Saturday, February 28, 2015

Nolan: Half of a Year

ExCUSE me?
You're HOW old? 
No way.
There's no freaking way.

Just a little conversation I've had with myself time and time again throughout this journey with you, N. But this time...this hit me hard. You are growing SO fast. My heart (and your wardrobe) can't keep up.

I realize that you probably won't ever remember the first six months of your life and probably not many months after that. But your dad and I have made memories we couldn't forget even if we wanted to. But trust me, we most definitely don't want to.

Like that time we got you a cake...

Some six-month highlights you won't recall, but, gosh, we sure will:

We're considering having your name legally changed to Nolan Busy Dickerson. I kid, of course, because we love Dorsey way too much, but you fit that description always. You are always trying to find things to grab, touch, taste, and slobber on. You are one busy little boy. And you're not even MOBILE yet!

You got your first real boo-boo this month. On MY watch :(. A metal airplane may have fallen on your face, a couple of profanities may have slipped out of this momma's mouth, and Nana was there to witness it all. She was the calm one who checked everything on you and assured me you were okay. A scratch and bruise on your forehead taunted me for several days after that. The good Lord knew what he was doing when he orchestrated your being there with me, Mom. XOXO

You're ticklish! Mostly on your feet, armpits, and back. You're still working on that laugh though.

You tasted solid food for the first time and have loved everything you've tried:
rice cereal, avocado, banana, carrots, and apple sauce (in that order). I'm enjoying making them for you.

Your expression when Daddy comes home from work is the highlight of my day. You are your daddy's boy.

You sleep on your belly now.

We've embraced the "What's a Nap Schedule?" schedule. And I promise that's okay :).

Sometimes men (besides Daddy, of course) and loud noises scare you to tears. Put those two things together and you're beside yourself.

We both love it when you swing at the park.

You nap like this
on the regular.

Gamma and Papa Dave visited for a day! And it just so happens to be your half birthday.

We're attending a going-away party tonight for one of your favorite people. He's deploying next month but will be back in the fall. We'll miss you, Uncle Nate! N promises to take good care of Auntie Paige :).

We love you, sweetest boy.
Happy half birthday!

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