Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Our Beach Babe

Nolan laid eyes on the big blue for the first time this past Saturday. He loved it all. The sand, the water (way too cold to touch this time), and the seagulls were mesmerizing to him. Just as we hoped they would be. 

My BFF, Alanna, and her sweet, SWEET family invited us to spend the day with them on Hilton Head Island. Several friends were also playing in a volleyball tournament a few miles down the beach, and we got to bump into them as well and watch them dish it out in the championship game. Then we met back up with the Smallwood and Konieczny families for one last beach hoorah and a BBQ supper before heading back home.

The day started off cool and cloudy, but bundling up was the best. Then the skies opened up and the sunshine came. The weather couldn't have been more cooperative and neither could have our child. And after going through the sickest, crummiest three days prior to this, a well baby was totally worth celebrating and road tripping for.
It was THE most wonderful mini trip.

And we documented.
We documented a bunch.

 Two of the best dads around.

 My world.

 Feeding the seagulls.

Mama's boy

 Championship match.

 V, Ernie, Michael, Will, Paige, & Nate

 These two.

 There is a special place in my heart for this family...always.


Side note:
Happy St. Patrick's Day today, y'all!

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