Monday, April 6, 2015

A Weekend of Firsts

This past weekend was CRAZY. Crazy busy but crazy fun.

Nolan's first:
time celebrating Daddy's birthday
baseball game
(lots of cheering made you cry)

Kevin's birthday was Friday, and celebrating him is always the best. 
We made a quick (and I mean quick) trip to hometown to watch Bub play baseball Friday night with his high school team (they won!). Life gets busy, and we didn't want to end up not seeing a game this season. It's a long story, but Kev ended up flying to Atlanta from the Bahamas to meet up with us. Good thing he made it for his own birthday party ;).

After the game, the family devoured some BBQ at one of the local favorites. There was cake, and there were presents, and Nolan was such a trooper. He stayed up way past his bedtime and hung in there with us until the very last minute when his head hit the pillow (figuratively, of course).

And then, yesterday, we celebrated our first Easter as a family of three. 

It was a weekend that left us tired, our hearts full, and our souls refreshed. 
And I think it's safe to say we'd totally do it all again and again...



 Easter Sunday

Obligatory family photo


Eiley Beth, Titus, & Nolan

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