Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Nolan: Month Eight

Sitting down to write these posts has become even sweeter with time. I get to reminisce, write whatever I want about you, and not apologize for my oo-ing and aw-ing about how much we adore you. I wonder what you'll think as you read through these one day.
Sheer mommy-moment bliss.

Let's recap your eighth month of life:

Your daddy celebrated his 26th birthday this month. 
On his birthday last year, we found out we were having a boy!

You attended and watched your first baseball game. Bub catches for Pike County High, and I truly believe you're his biggest (littlest) fan. 
We hope you love baseball as much as we do.

We celebrated our first Easter as a family of three.

Bub went to his first prom, and we all got to see him off.

You have two teeth now! And no, I don't intend to document every single one ;).
*Getting a picture of your teeth is near impossible.*

You say "Da-Da" and "talk" a whole bunch. It's seriously the cutest thing. 
My favorite is when you go, "Haayyy."

Most days, you are super independent and perfectly content just living your life.

You still love food. It's hard to keep track of all that you'll eat nowadays.

Long trips have become a little more taxing. You get bored in the car after a while and are not afraid to tell us about it.
Shorter trips are still dreamy though.

You and I went to the Oatland Island Wildlife Center with a dear friend and her two babes.
Look, a bison!

You're laughing more often, and it is still just as adorable.

Crawling isn't happening yet, but you scoot (backwards) on your belly.

Riding in the jeep with the doors off and the wind in your hair is totally your thing.
Which is good because it's our thing too ;).

This stage has been my most favorite so far. Your personality is thriving and your dad and I couldn't be more terrified of what lay ahead when it comes to you and your spunky self, kid.
I joooke.
But you are spunky. And a hoot. And it is going to be an adventure. 
But we love it now and forever.

Happy eight months, buddy boy!

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