Sunday, June 21, 2015

Kev's First Father's Day

I love that today, I get to celebrate and shout from the mountaintops about one man I can't imagine doing life without. In marriage, I need him. As my friend, he's the best. And when it comes to parenting....

My husband isn't one of those people who thrives off of people's accolades of him. He doesn't need to be thanked or told words of affirmation to know that he's important or well thought of and loved. But if I may, I'd really like to do all of that. Because he is vital to and oh so loved by one little boy (and gal) in particular this Father's Day.

you are as authentic as they come. You'll wear your heart on your sleeve, while being simultaneously rock solid, and never claim to have it all together. You know your need for Jesus and long to lead us (your family) in light of that. This morning, as I was thinking of you and what to say and how to say it, my thoughts wandered to this:
Out of all of creation and all of the combinations of possibilities that God could have come up with, He chose you to be the father of our son. He chose you for such a time as this. Not because you are or will be the perfect dad. But because in order for the Lord to orchestrate the small part of His plan that we are, He wanted to use you to lead our family. For a purpose and for an outcome (whatever that may be) that will be written into our stories. Yours. Mine. And Nolan's.
We love you to the core.
Happy Father's Day!

And, of course, I can't let Father's Day pass without recognizing the very first man I ever loved. Dad, my whole life you have been steadfast in your loving and supporting me. You are a man of few words, but your actions speak much louder. I love you and will ALWAYS be your little girl.
I'm so blessed to call you mine, and N is so blessed to call you "Papa G."

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