Monday, July 27, 2015

Crane Hill, Alabama

Growing up, I spent at least a week (and sometimes two) of summer after summer in a cabin by a lake at the bottom of what felt like a giant cliff in the middle of no where.
Phone service is limited. 
Access to chips and honey buns isn't.
There are critters everywhere.
We'd tube, wake board, surf (learned how this year!), cliff jump, ride four wheelers, and stay in our bathing suits ALL day long.
Most summer evenings were spent teaching music at the local church's VBS.
We'd "shower" in the lake so we could stay out until the last minute.
The only people nearby are also the people closest to your heart.
And no one complains about any of it.

I hadn't visited in 7 years, and it felt so good to be back. 
This time, with my little family in tow. 
I could hardly wait for Nolan to meet all of these people who mean SO much to me. 
They always have and always will!
Uncle Bruce, Aunt Jennifer, Davis, Will, Lee, Grandad, Granby, and so many more, we love you!
And you know you have a place to stay when y'all visit Savannah!

 By the end of the trip, Nolan loved Davis, I promise.

 Crying because he had to get out of the water.

 Meeting Granby and Grandad for the first time.

 "Wake up, Will!"

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