Thursday, July 9, 2015

Vacay Party of Three!

We have our own hashtags and everything.

Our family was in need of a vacation. And we didn't even realize it until we were well on our way last week. The time away and together was so rejuvenating. It enabled the three of us to connect and play without having to worry about early morning workdays (for the hubby), and I could take all of the exhaustion I've felt and let it subside as I ate all the food I wanted (because we were fed WELL while we were away) and rested. Truly rested.

Nolan flew on an airplane for the first time, and he did GREAT. Kev and I couldn't have been more proud. Turns out any and all anxiety we felt about flying with a baby was totally not necessary. He even got to sit in the cockpit after the flight into Dallas!

We stayed in Grand Prairie, TX just outside of Dallas. We stayed at Kev's Dad's house and got to hang with him, Barbara, Gina, and Amelia all week long!
Nolan was up before everyone else each morning, and most mornings he and I got a few sweet moments together, just the two of us. Our routine wasn't much different from the one we have at home, but there's just something so serene about experiencing it somewhere else. 
It just felt...extra relaxing. 
And then Papa (Kev's Dad) and the rest of the gang would gradually join us for breakfast :).

My favorite part was getting to watch Papa soak up his time with Nolan. I know he doesn't get to see him near as often as he'd like. I'm so thankful we got to turn our vacay into a special time with family as well. 

We had the best time. We swam. A lot. And went to the stockyards in Fort Worth and watched the cattle drive (I'm literally laughing as I type this because my expectations for this were more like what you'd expect to see at the running of the bulls in Spain! Baahaha. No, not quite.) We also went to the Dallas Aquarium. It was so fun exploring new things with Nolan in tow. 

Here are some pictures taken throughout the week!

 We ate dinner at the most beautiful Mexican restaurant that had just two things on the menu:
enchiladas & fajitas


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