Sunday, August 30, 2015

Nolan: Month Twelve

Nolan turned ONE on Friday! It's been a busy birthday week and weekend. We spent Nolan's actual birthday in Adel, GA at the memorial service and funeral of Kevin's great grandmother. I have only had the pleasure of being around Granny a handful of times, but she claimed me as one of her own. She had that "no such thing as in-laws" kind of heart capacity and loved well. She gave the best hugs and had the biggest heart for Jesus. What a beautiful legacy she leaves behind for her family. She has great GREAT grandbabies. Now that's a bountiful life. I'm sad that Nolan never got to meet her, but it was neat to celebrate two special lives all in one day. 

Here's what Nolan's been up to this month:

You turned ONE.
You give kisses. They're slobbery. We rub them in, not off ;). 
You have this truck. You use it to walk around ALL OVER the house. It's like your security blanket.
You decided you don't care for green beans anymore.
You love saying "Dada," "All gone," and recently you  learned "Uh" when you drop something. (You're working on the "oh" part.)
You "talk" A LOT.
You'll give "high fives and wave "bye bye."
You know what a ball, airplane, and puppy are.
We survived 2 weeks without Daddy while he was in Brazil.
A few of your favorite things include:
The "Dada" book by Jimmy Fallon
Going to sleep
Running errands
Going out to eat
The beach

I have soaked up every moment of this past year.
We. Love. You.

Happy 12 months, kiddo.

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