Friday, August 28, 2015

Happy First Birthday, Nolan.

You're one. ONE. 
I keep replaying the day you were born over and over in my mind. And I'm having the hardest time putting into words the way my heart swells at the thought of that day. I just can't find them. 
The only thing I've been able to muster up is this:
You rocked. Our. World. 
Our world was rocked by fears we never even knew we had. Our world was rocked by a joy that only you could give. Our world has been rocked by a revitalized dependency on the Cross of Christ. Son, you are a good gift. And I don't mean good as in your behavior or attitude because, let's be real, those two things can go either way depending on the hour. But God has graciously given you to us, and we recognize you as the good gift that you are. You need to know that we mess up a lot. You show us grace and, so, remind us of God's grace. But our love for you has never wavered, and it is an unbelievable honor to claim you as our own. Your personality is developing and thriving and brings so much spunk and laughter to our home and daily rhythms of life. I adore your love of food. You're goofy and you know it. I want even just a taste of your fearlessness. In the same breath, however, though fearless, you are observant and mindful. Especially in a crowded setting. You find those you know already so you can rekinder the BFF relationship you had with them last time and determine who needs to gain your trust and affections. You are independent and simultaneously tender-hearted. You laugh just because others are too and that toothy smile is infectious. 
So yes. You've rocked our world.
Thank you.
Happy first birthday! 
We love you.

-Mommy & Daddy

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