Monday, March 28, 2016

Dickersons At Disney

When Alanna (my bestie from college) originally proposed the idea of taking a Disney trip together with our families, it sounded SO magical. And it didn't disappoint.

It was just Alanna and me with our boys for the first few days of the trip. We got some much needed catch-up/hangout time together. Kev and Shane joined us about halfway through the week.

'Twas the night before Magic Kingdom...

Had Mickey looked more like Thomas the Train, I think things would have gone much differently. From a distance, Nolan thought Mickey was SUPER cool. Up close? Not so much. 
But Kev and I enjoyed ourselves!

Two of my trips to Disney have been spent with this gem.

The next day, the three of us went to a Braves Spring Training game.
Nolan's first!

 Side Note: 
That night, Alanna tried guacamole for the first time!

 Nolan was hilarious at the petting zoo, chasing the goats and sheep around with that brush!

"Nolan, do you love the sheep?"

These two, I swear.

The sweetest group hug and Steak 'N Shake wrapped up our vacay.

SO much of why this trip was as successful as it was is because of Alanna and Shane. They know the ins and outs of all things Disney and so graciously let us tag along with them. They hooked us UP. Thank you guys so much for EVERYthing. 
We'll remember and cherish this trip forever.

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