Sunday, February 28, 2016

Nolan: Month Eighteen

It's hard to imagine our lives without Nolan. The reality is that he's only been around for 18 months. But there is much to be said about the past year and a half. I have loved a man and little boy combo for just 18 short months, and it has been incredible. Beautiful. Vulnerable. Trying.
Worth it.

God is so gracious. I feel so unworthy to be your mom. Some days are hard, my patience is pushed, and I come up short. But being your mom points me to Jesus. One day, I pray you fully understand what I mean when I say that. I am beyond grateful and humbled to be your mother. See me awkwardly staring at you? Yeah, that's normal, and I'm probably thinking about it in that very moment. It's fine.

Here are a few things you've grown to love and do as of late:
You. Crack. Us. Up. 
You play hide-and-seek with Daddy and LOVE it when he jumps out and scares you (You definitely don't get that from me.).
You still love your paci while riding in the car and at bedtime.
"Foof" = waffles or shoes
"Gaga" = Dada
I'd list all of the words and sounds you can "say" but it's hard to keep track of all of them these days.
You talk so much!
I love it when you come into a room and say, "Haaaayyy."
Flushing toilets fascinates you.
You have the goofiest fake laugh (and do it often because you know it's funny).
You LOVE Thomas and Friends and fire trucks. 
You are an EXCELLENT eater.
Which explains why you can fit in size 2T.
You are a super great traveler and love visiting Nana & Papa G and Gamma & Papa Dave's houses.
All of your teeth have come in except for your two year molars.
You enjoy the big, chunky wooden puzzles and are actually pretty good at them.
You recently learned how to swing a bat and hit the ball off of the tee. Your dad and Bub are SO proud.
Riding bikes with Daddy is one of your favorite things to do. Ever.
You do a lot of things right and left handed but tend to favor your right.
You're a drummer at heart.
You like dogs.
You love going to your friends' houses and having them over to play.
Your best buds are Titus, Coen, Zeke, and Rowan (and you love Eiley Beth (aka Ebae) and Finley too).

Your Dad and I love you more and more everyday.
Happy half birthday, little boy!

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