Monday, May 9, 2016

This Mother's Day

Mother's Day fell on a really fun weekend this year. Kev played in a volleyball tournament on Saturday on Tybee Island. Nolan and I spent the WHOLE day at the beach. The whole day. Like 10.5 hours. It was SO much fun. And Kev and his partner, Nick, placed second in their league!

The weather was perfect. 
The company was sweet. 
It was all around just a really great day.

 You know it's a beach day when you eat chips for breakfast.

 The water was colllllld.

45 minutes of pure heaven on earth.
Happy early Mother's Day to me from a kid who never naps like this!


I spent Mother's Day enjoying my number one request: some nonstop hangout time with my boys. After the Sunday gathering with our EV fam, we came home for lunch and napped while the Braves played on TV. One of our favorite things to do is drive around our neighborhood and look at houses. We talk about their character and designs and just soak up God's goodness and grace in letting us call this city home. So we loaded up the Jeep and did just that. 

 We ate ice cream for dinner because #MothersDay.

We had pizza at Vinnie Van Go-Go's for dessert. 

The simplicity of yesterday was my favorite part.  
My heart was SO full when my head hit my pillow last night.


I love Kevin first and being his wife is my absolute favorite. 
And Nolan is my favorite part of us.
He made me a mom, and so has taken me down a path that only he could.
Where grace conquers guilt, and where there's freedom to not have it all together.
Because of Jesus.
I absolutely love that.
Motherhood points me to Jesus unlike anything else.
I could stop right there and let that be enough.
In fact, I will.
Because it is.

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