Monday, May 16, 2016

Thursday Gal Zoo Trip

We meet practically every Thursday throughout the year and have been for quite some time now. We all just providentially found each other and have been hanging ever since! New friends have joined us along the way, and as a stay-at-home-mom, hanging with these ladies (and kiddos) is something I look forward to week after week. While this rhythm has most definitely become a consistent play date for our kids, I've personally come to view it (and LOVE it) as much more than that. It's a few consistent hours each week (often more) that I get to connect with ladies in the same season I'm in. In the thick of the same struggles I'm in. Struggles I face as a mom. As a wife. As a human being. We're all different and yet SO much the same: Not one of us claims to have our entire act together, and we love our kids with EVERYthing we've got. I truly admire my many girlfriends in their seasons of mommyhood, including those that I hang with on Thursdays. I have never felt like less of a mom when I'm around them. Only inspired, encouraged, and loved.
The bond I have with these "Thursday Gals" (our unofficial name for ourselves) is something I treasure on Thursdays and beyond. 
I'm pretty sure our primary bond is because of our love for coffee.
It's just a certain kind of special, you know?
Girls. Love you, mean it.

A handful of us took the plunge and ventured farther than ever so far.
Here are some pictures from our trip to the Jacksonville Zoo last week!
(Note: about half of the group didn't go, and they were SO missed!)

The carpool crew. We made it!

Ashley, our beautiful guide

Carmen and Meg and their crew!

Here we go!

Eiley Beth (aka Ebae)

Love this one of Sellers and McClain

Finley and Rowan


Coen and his precious smile

Ohhh these two

Sometimes you run into long-time friends in line to feed the giraffe! So great seeing you, Laura and Adam!

Fed my favorite animal. Bucket list check-off complete!

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