Sunday, June 26, 2016

6 Years Married

Six years ago today, as we were waiting behind closed doors for our cue to walk down the aisle, my dad looked down at me handsomely in his grey tux and said what every daughter hopes to hear. Unwaveringly he whispered, "I have such confidence walking you down the aisle to that man." I smiled, squeezed his arm so tight, and kissed his cheek. Talk about walking on cloud nine. I fought back the tears and within seconds, it was our time to go. I too walked down the aisle having complete confidence in the big girl decision I was making.

I was giving Kevin Dickerson my heart forever. 

With all of my heart I believed what my dad said that day. He and I walked in such confidence knowing his little girl would be loved.
And I so am.

A lot can happen to a person in six years. Much less two people doing life so intimately together. We've done big things like move a few times, jumpstart our careers, fall in love with a city, buy our first home, and have a son. We've met SO many people; many of whom will remain lifelong friends, I'm sure. We've kept in touch with people we've cherished for a long time and have discovered new activities we enjoy. I've learned a lot about Kev and he's learned a bunch about me. Marriage and parenthood brought about new desires, new fears, and new things to depend on each other for. I am so thankful for whole seasons and simple days when the only choice we had was to point one another to Jesus and to the truth of the Gospel. I was confident six years ago. By God's grace, I stand even more confident exactly six years later. Not because our marriage has been perfect. Or easy. But because marriage has pushed us to Jesus. To knowing Him deeper and so knowing who we are in Him deeper. He's so gracious to let that spill over into my love and affections for Kev. 

Kevin Dickerson, I love doing life with you. You're the best thing about me and you make me SO proud. I love being your wife and being Momma to your son. 
Happy six year anniversary, my love!

We celebrated last night with a night out together.
Kev came up with 5 potential date nights, and I got to choose, based on the "theme" of the night, which one I wanted to go on. I chose the one called "Just Roll With it." 
Sweet friends watched Nolan while we rented a moped, road around Tybee Island, ate dinner at a Gerald's Shrimp & Pig, got ice cream, and walked on the beach. It was the perfect night and way to celebrate the past six years. 
Cheers to wins. Cheers to losses. Cheers to many, many more years together doing fun stuff like this, babe!

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