Wednesday, July 6, 2016

4th of July Weekend

This past holiday weekend was something special. We rented a cabin with two other families we love very much and spent three full days and four nights resting and playing and eating a LOT. The Wagners and O'Donovans are super special to our family. This trip gave us time to reconnect and spend some much needed time together before the Wagners move. (I'm in denial and refuse to talk about it much because I literally tear up every time I picture the city of Savannah and our lives without the Wagners in it.) Thalan and Nolan played so well together and cracked us up as they ran around the island in the kitchen. We soaked up the time spent together playing games, grilling out, and exploring the ins and outs of the Ocoee and Toccoa Rivers. The guys went whitewater rafting one day, while the girls stayed at the cabin with the kiddos. The boys napped for three solid hours while we had girl talk and encouraged one another over coffee. It was SWEET. 

The busy days leading up to this vacation confirmed our need for it and made us anticipate the time away even more. We truly relaxed and rested in the peace of God and needed to do so very much.
This family vacay was truly good for the soul.

Obligatory selfie drinking morning coffee on the cabin porch swing.

 No fear!


These. Two.

 The whole gang.

It's love, people.

We broke up the trip back home and stopped at my parents' house to celebrate the 4th of July. Every year, family gathers at the farm, but this year extended family were expected to come, so it was more like a true family reunion. The first we've had in a while. The weather was beautiful, the company was better. We got to spend some really great quality time with family.

With my dad and Grandmom and Grandad.

Nate and Paige joined us at my parent's house Monday evening and stayed the night.
Vacation. Complete.

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