Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Vacation in Hometown

I'm behind. So far behind in posting. But that's ok! Life gets busy and things come up, but I DO NOT want to forget to post pictures from a super fun week we had in hometown. Not too long ago, we intentionally spent an entire week in hometown for the sole purpose of getting away and spending quality time with family. We stayed at my mom-in-love's house and hunkered down with a houseful. Full of family, full of cousins (Kevin's oldest brother and his family, including their four kiddos are back from Germany and were there too), full of food (ohhhhh the yummy FOOD), full of laughter, full of resting (amongst five kids, you know, so that's relative, but it was still SO enjoyable), full of gifts (Sam, the oldest cousin, turned 6!) and full of hangout time. My parents even stopped in to visit a couple of times! 
We brought our stuff, hunkered down, and called it vacation.
Thank you Gamma and Papa Dave for graciously opening up your home and allowing us to join in on all the crazy fun! I know I don't need to say that. Your house is ALWAYS open. The "open door" policy is something I love about both sides of mine and Kev's families. But know that we are incredibly grateful for it anyway!

Making homemade icing

Double date night!

Dunkin Donuts for breakfast -- happy birthday, Sam!

One of the many times this boy jumped off of the diving board:

 Lantern release round one

Round 2

Sometimes you go to leave hometown and realize there's a nail in your tire. Good thing we know someone who could fix it, and yay for impromptu hangout time at Papa G's store!

We have pictures of my dad and my brother around Nolan's same age taken in this exact same spot.

The "wow this was a super awesome vacay, and I played SO hard" blank stare on our ride back home.

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