Monday, August 29, 2016

Chugga Chugga Two Two!

And just like that, we have a two year old!

After two years together, here are a few of the things we know so far:

You love all things waffle, French fry, train, truck, and tractor.
You're cautious yet confident.
You're independent and love to do things yourself.
You neeeeeeed to be the one to close almost any door that's opened (especially the microwave).
You go with the flow and are hardly ever in a hurry. You slow this momma down in all the best ways. God knew I'd need to stop and literally smell the roses more often.
You point out every "big truck," motorcycle, and bus you see and love basically anything with wheels.
My favorite word you say is ambulance. 
You just recently quit dropping the f-bomb when you say fire truck.
You have a love/hate relationship with fire trucks. You mostly love them though. It's just that sometimes they can be "wowed."
There's no doubt that Eiley Beth Spinks is your girl.
You notice every "Chick-fa-way" and somehow know the symbol for Coke.
You still aren't super snuggly. Like ever. But you'll give hugs and kisses.
You love going to the grocery store and library.
You love being chased around the house and "scared" by Daddy.
You're looking more and more like your daddy everyday.
I absolutely love spending my day-to-day with you.

It has been such a fulfilling two years. 
The last month alone has been super eventful. Like a moved Bub into college, potty trained, met your cousins, first haircut kind of month. Whew. I couldn't possibly recall or write down every single detail of this second year. But I know it was REALLY good. At times it's been hard. And all along the way, God has been overwhelmingly gracious to our family. I'm so thankful to celebrate you turning another year older.
It truly is a grace.


This past weekend was spent surrounded by family and friends who helped us celebrate our guy. Kevin's brother, Chris, and his wife Jessica along with their four kids stayed with us for a few days. Talk about FUN. Nolan met his cousins for the first time and having the five of them together to do nothing but bond and play was super special.
We partied on Saturday and went to a beach baptism with our church yesterday (Nolan's actual birthday). It was a weekend to remember for sure.

I just can't get enough of that little "Chugga Chugga Two Two" phrase I found on Pinterest (of course). It captures Nolan and his love for trains so perfectly. So, naturally, his birthday party was train themed. We decided to meet him where he's at with his love for Eggos and did a simple celebration with breakfast and a waffle bar.

Love love love these next ones that our super good friend (Nolan's Uncle Craig) took!

Post-celebration dinner/sugar coma.

Happy second birthday, Nolan!
We. Love. You.

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