Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Bye Bye Crib

Of all of the transitions with Nolan, I think this one tugged on my momma heart strings the most. Maybe it's because the crib was pretty much the last of the baby stuff to go and the rocking chair/glider went in storage right along with it. Our house is officially empty of ALL things baby. When did this happen?! 

But I am seriously so proud of our boy. He slept in a big boy bed for the first time this past weekend. We decided to skip the toddler bed and go straight to twin size mattresses on the floor. Super good friends of ours did that, and we thought we'd give it a shot too. We didn't necessarily have transitioning to a big bed on our immediate radar, but other friends of ours were giving away their twin mattress set, so we went for it and dove in head first. We talked it up for almost a week. Nolan and I went to Walmart, and he picked out his bedding. We found the PERFECT one. It has all of the things he loves: tractors, diggers, crane trucks, mixers, dump trucks, fire trucks, airplanes, helicopters. Literally all of the things. 

We took things (with amplified excitement) one day at a time:
Day 1 - mattresses were picked up and in the house (YAY) 
Day 2 - let's go buy sheets!
Day 3 - help mommy wash the sheets and put them on the bed
Day 4 - practice laying on the bed (stored in our spare bedroom) and getting pumped about sleeping in it soon, counting down the number of sleeps until he got to spend the night in his big bed
Day 5 - help Daddy take the crib apart and get his room ready for the "Bubbo Bed" as he calls it

I got the sweetest video of his excitement about this bed. He could not WAIT to sleep in it. We kept telling him that some of his best buds sleep in big boy beds just like Nolan was about to. He woke up around 12 midnight on the first night asking for water, and hasn't had any problems during the night or nap time since. 
Thank you, Lord, for such a smooth transition.

Here are some pictures of our little boy with his big ole bed!


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