Friday, August 31, 2018

Nolan is 4!

It has been an especially humongous year for you. We know God is the author of your story, and I think the past year will always be one of our favorite parts of yours. You've grown so much. You're literally, like, super tall, but you also grew in ways that make celebrating your birthday this year extra special. And for me, this past year holds a small season in which you were undeniably there for me more than I could physically be there for you. You probably won't remember that, but I always will. In many ways and at many times, you handled the change and wonkiness of our days better than my adult self did and you were a breath of fresh air for your dad and I on more days than we can count. You make us so freaking proud.
You went from being our only to our oldest. What a gift it has been to watch you navigate (read: majorly but steadily adjust to) and settle into your big brother role.
You started going to school for the first time ever and LOVE everything about being in pre-k.
You want to drive a cement mixer and a garbage truck when you grow up.
One of your favorite things to do is to work outside and around the house with your daddy.
You absolutely love spending quality time with the people you're closest to.
You are super social and come alive at the thought of having people (any people) over to our house.
I love how comfortable you feel to invite yourself and us to others' homes as well.
You are kind and tender-hearted, FULL of energy and impressive dance moves.
We. Love. You.

Green and white are your absolute favorite colors so we celebrated your day with close family and friends at home with an all things GREEN party on Saturday:

These cake pictures your Uncle Craig captures each year are some of my forever faves!

And the celebration continued for your actual birthday on Tuesday with cupcakes at school and dinner at Green Fire Pizza (because dun, green) as a family that evening.

You love Mrs. Reese and Ms. Fox!

Lion faces outside of Green Fire Pizza

This is Tevin. He heard it was your 4th birthday as were walking by and was so quick and kind to give you $4 of his valet tip money. SO SWEET.

And we can't forget to mention the newest additions to our fam! Meet Postle and Lay (and I know what you're thinking and I have NO CLUE where you got those names from). Uncle Allen and Aunt Jesse got you two hermit crabs for your birthday!

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