Monday, August 13, 2018

Nolan: Pre-kindergartener

I should have known I'd love being a school mom. That all of the seemingly silly and small things about it would bring me a joy I never knew I was missing out on. Packing lunches, signing forms, the carpool line, and turning right back around to do it all again the next day. I love it all. But that doesn't change the fact that sending your firstborn to a big ole school full time for the first time is a BIG OLE DEAL. I've asked God to help me to never become complacent about the fact that He is with Nolan when we aren't. That I would continually find a peace and a strength in knowing that while Kev and I love Nolan fiercely, we fall short of the perfect way God loves and leads our son. What a grace. And what a gift to know that Nolan is seen and known by God when he is physically away from us.

When we bought our house a little over 4 years ago, we knew the elementary school just a few blocks over could very possibly be a part of our story. I was VERY pregnant with Nolan when we moved into our home, and I remember reminiscing with Kev about what it would be like to walk our son to and from school and how living in a neighborhood with that capabilty felt so sweet.

This morning I dropped Nolan off to start week two of his first year at that very school, and I've spent much of the past week or so processing, embracing, and then processing the whole thing some more. I know this next season will be sweet. I just want to savor the transition.

I love your love for that green backpack.
Your favorite thing about school is the toy tractor that's in your classroom.
You look insanely handsome in your school uniform.
You still want us to walk you to your classroom in the morning, and I'm beyond fine with that.
One day you won't.
I can already tell your teachers are THE best.
You are in such good hands.
But even more importantly, God is with you always.
You've cried zero tears since the school year started.
Mommy did once. A lot.
You tell me that you won't cry because you know I'll always come back to get you.
You have no idea how much your confidence builds mine.
You reeeeally miss your best friends (especially your Ebae) but I promise to be intentional about regularly arranging time for you to play with them.
You are silly and tender-hearted.
You are a gift.
You are so brave.
Mommy and Daddy couldn't possibly be more proud of you.
May you show kindness and obey, bud, because you are SO loved.

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