Saturday, March 1, 2014

Love at First Sight

Four weeks is a long time. You can multiply that length times a bazillion (only a slight exaggeration) when you're waiting to see your little one for the very first time. Longest 4 weeks and 1 day EVER. But who was counting? ;) 
Kevin and I "met" our baby boy or girl on Tuesday, January 21st. Someone who has also seen it described it as a "gummy bear" and sure enough...our baby looked way more like a gummy bear than the usual peanut.

That little guy or gal captured our hearts in that moment. You see...finding out you're pregnant is one thing. It's exciting, yes. You're overflowing with joy and happiness and thankfulness. Yes. But during that four weeks of waiting for our first appointment, I (almost ashamedly) felt "disconnected", if you will, from that little thing growing inside of me. I mean, I "knew" I was pregnant. Three little prego tests had told me so. Yet doubt still crept in. And boy was that frustrating. 

So I was reminded of something a really good friend told me once:
"He (The Lord) is working in our waiting." 

My heart so needed to hear that.

Kevin and I arrived at the OBGYN office in Savannah, and within half an hour, hand-in-hand, we saw that wiggling gummy bear and all of our previous fears subsided. Especially when the sound of a strong, 9-week-old, 171 bpm heartbeat filled the space in that room. Music to our ears. After being escorted to another room, we met our doctor for the first time. We fell in love with her personality and down-to-earth ways. 

A few weeks later (at 13 weeks along), on February 18th, we heard the heartbeat for a second time. I can't remember the exact number, but it was in the 150s bpm. Yet another sigh of relief. Our baby is growing and thriving and so is my belly.

As of today, I am wrapping up my 14th week and am officially well into the second trimester.
We're due August 26!

Pictures and updates to come :).

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