Wednesday, December 28, 2016

This Christmas

We made a short but incredibly sweet trip to hometown for Christmas. We made history at Gamma and Papa Dave's as Gamma had all four of her children and their families there for the first time in 14 years. So fun! And at Nana and Papa G's, we relaxed, hung out with our favorite college kid, and enjoyed having Nanny and Papa in such close proximity this year since they've moved in with Mom and Dad. 

We soaked up every minute with our families and came home Christmas night to wake up the next morning and have Christmas together...just the three of us. This time next year may look at little bit different as we're considering beginning our own Christmas traditions at home and waking up at our house Christmas morning, so that made this year in hometown all the more special.

These pictures are imperfect, unedited (well, let's be real, the majority of my photos aren't ever edited), and capture exactly how I remember all Christmases:
As a hodge podge of memories that are nothing less than perfect.
And pictures like these really take me back to the home video/kodak print days, don't you think?
Side note:
My dad still video records with a camera that requires 8mm cassette tapes. 
Love. That. Man.

Such a sweet, surprise visit from these two (well, three!).

The best daddies stop to watch a digger working on our way to Nana and Papa G's house!

Christmas Eve breakfast with some of our favorites.

Christmas morning.

 Checking out Papa G's new toy (the sound bar).

Got new leggings that seriously feel like butter.

Back at home.

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