Monday, March 10, 2014


I have always been fond of avocados. Nothing special, really. I enjoy a good bowl of guacamole at a Mexican restaurant from time to time. You can even slap some on my burger, and I'd be fine with that. 

But lately...
they've held a special place in my heart. 
Er...uh...I mean belly. 

They just. taste. so. good.
I'll take some mashed in a bowl with Wheat Thins, Pita chips, tortilla chips, or Pretzel Crisps (yes please). On a burger, or on a sandwich, in a wrap, or on a salad (double yes please).

Kevin said this week of pregnancy would be my favorite, and he nailed it. 

Hello, week 16!

I feel great. My energy is back, the nausea is gone (I think), and I'm almost 99% positive I felt the baby move last night. It felt like a little gas bubble. Or like a popcorn kernel popping. And within a couple of minutes later, when I felt it again in the exact same spot, I couldn't help but wonder if that was the first of many love taps I'd get from this babe within me. I woke up this morning and felt one too! Sheer bliss. Most of my pants are super snug around the waist. I even rocked the BellaBand for the first time the other night because I couldn't get my jeans to button. Mommy joys :). I'm definitely trying to see them as joys and not woes. That goes for most of what I'm experiencing. Last night, I asked Kev arguably the question of all pregnancy questions: No matter what my body does or how it changes, you'll still think I'm the prettiest one right?

He is seriously the best.
And by the grace of God, my heart, mind, and soul will truly believe that he does.

We have our next follow-up appointment in a couple of weeks, and shortly after that we'll know the gender! So pumped. We literally don't care what we have. Either will be loved way more than he or she can stand.

But just for fun...Kev says boy and I say girl. One of us is bound to be right.

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