Wednesday, March 19, 2014


On March 19, 2010, I said "yes" to spending all of my days on earth attached to the hip of my best friend. Kevin's proposal was the BEST. We literally took to the skies. Let's just say an airplane, one of the greatest pilots, the 7th graders I was teaching at the time, and my playing hooky were all involved.  Those ingredients can only cook up one super-special and super-memorable proposal story. 
If you're a Facebooker, feel free to read all about it here.
So...happy "yes-iversary," babe! (Made that word up all by myself.)

It's so amazing to think back on that day, with the memories still very fresh in my mind, to where we are now. As we anticipate and dream about what it will be like to be parents, I'm just in awe of the Lord's goodness, and His unwavering love (no matter what my circumstances may try to convince me of) for His people.

Today goes down as one extra-special day in an additional way:
Hearing that little heartbeat could never get old. 

At a strong 149 beats per minute, the thump-thump-thumping sound filled the room one more time to affirm all of the changes my body is steadily going through. For the record, I had to use the old hair-tie trick on a pair of pants for the first time today. What a beautiful mess I'm in :). I've been feeling the little guy or girl move consistently. Coolest feeling in the WORLD. I absolutely love going for check-ups at the doctor; with Kev unashamedly right there with me. The more we interact with the ladies there, the more I fall in love with them. Our nurse's name is Kelly. Just for fun, she took a stab at what she thinks our babe will be. Her guess? A boy! 

Let the two-week countdown to finding out...begin!

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  1. Very thankful for this yes-iversary!! Love you sweetheart!